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Splendor Roses S.A.S is a company founded in 2020 by Alexander Quintero Buitrago and Elsa Sanin Londoño. Splendour Roses represents family, teamwork, economic independence and love for what we do. We work with female head of household in order to contribute to employment creation, while female empowerment, and make dreams come true to meet them goals. We are environmentally responsible, since we work with biodegradable products, friendly to the environment our protocols and good practices guaranteed the processes to the roses preservation.

Our History

Nuestro objetivo es generar emociones y transformar espacios por medio de arreglos de lujo con rosas naturales frescas y preservadas.

Our Mission

Change the way to express feelings, value more the meaning of a rose in order to reinforces the family bond and couples, we are creators of joys and satisfy the needs of our clients that can range from create personalized arrangement to the total transformation of a place through our designs, that are made with fresh roses or natural preserved roses; guaranteeing a durability of at least 3 years if the care and recommendations are followed. We ship nationally and internationally.


Punctuality in deliveries





Our Values

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